Sunday, 3 February 2008

DAY 7: Saturday 16th February 2008

The last day of the Challenge (for Viv & I at least)

Early morning blood glucose level 7.6 mmol/L
(curry hangover!)

Woke this morning thinking what an awesome God we have - "The great & awesome God, loyal to His covenant & faithful to those who love Him & obey His commands
(Nehemiah 1:5, The Message)

Awesome in the sense of totally awe inspiring . . . overwhelming in His beauty & majesty

It's been an extraordinary week (I wonder because I've been completing this blog each day that I'm more aware than usual what has gone on - perhaps we too easily miss the evidence of God's hand on our lives)

I am amazed that even this week God has taken the Lent Endurance Challenge & used it to raise awareness of the plight of destitute asylum seekers - this is absolutely wonderful as only a couple of months ago this was just an idea in the office & the main vehicle for publicity has been the internet
(very few paper copies) yet have participants right across the country from the South to Scotland & here in Manchester the Challenge has been featured in the newspapers & on the radio & television

God is truly awesome

This Saturday Viv & I were working on the Collection Point for Moneyspinner Credit Union (volunteering for the Credit Union is something we have done since moving to Dukinfield - it allows us to give back to the community we live in & we have also made many friends at the same time)

After lunch . . . shopping! & getting ready for Sunday - this Sunday, at church, I'm performing some 'Gospel Magic' as part of our morning meeting ('Gospel Magic' is really just an entertaining way of telling the Gospel story or teaching Biblical truth - not that preaching isn't entertaining . . . well maybe . . . I find that because it is so visual it goes down particularly well with children & speakers of other languages . . . actually with almost anyone)
Tried to chill out today but had a number of phone calls from asylum seekers who are being made homeless on Monday
(because they are living in NASS accommodation & their asylum applications have been rejected) arranged to meet up with them on Monday & move them into the night shelter

Monday is going to be very very busy!!

Breakfast: porridge & 1 slice of dry toast

Dinner: the last meal of the Challenge - pasta with vegetable sauce
(made with all the 'odd bits' - it was really good!)

Bed time: blood glucose level 6.3 mmol/L
(& I've finished the week's Challenge with an OK blood glucose reading)

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